Alpro Grup mission

The Alpro Grup Mission is to design and build innovative facades in collaboration with leading architectural firms, by using solutions that incorporate leading-edge technology.
By investing in finding the most efficient solutions, systems and technologies and by using innovative materials, Alpro Grup constantly improves the quality of architectural enclosures to meet the most rigorous demands of our customers. Our goal is to offer expert solutions to meet all the needs of our customers, collaborating with architects and beneficiaries from the design stage through to the completion of installation.
Our commitment to promote the use of eco-friendly technologies in constructing facades leads to major energy savings, contributing to environmental protection as well as improved living conditions inside buildings.

Alpro Grup Philosophy

The fundamental values on which Alpro Grup philosophy is based consist of the services provided to architects and our customers. Therefore, all our resources are focused on complete customer satisfaction and quality, pursued through constant technological innovation.

As we persistently look for creating innovative solutions for facade design and construction, Alpro Grup constantly aims at creating new solutions and technologies.  The architectural facades built by Alpro Grup are proof of our creativity.

Technical solutions internally developed by Alpro Grup are other examples of our core strengths. Over the years, the design solutions have become valuable assets of the company.
A properly designed facade not only involves pure aesthetical aspects, it also optimizes the performance of the building by ensuring efficient lighting, heat and sound insulation, as well as easy maintenance.

The capacity of organizing and planning our activities, combined with quality control throughout the production process enable Alpro Grup to approach complex works, maximizing efficiency and cost reduction, reducing material losses and minimizing the general costs of works.

Alpro Grup Technology

For research and application of innovative eco-friendly technologies, also known as green technologies, Alpro Grup collaborates with leading companies and laboratories, maintaining a constant information exchange in order to create architectural enclosures incorporating the latest green technologies.

The implementation of green technologies enables us to reach, for approximately the same construction costs, an energy saving of more than 20%, thus reducing environmental pollution and creating brighter workplaces. In turn this leads to improved living conditions inside the building and enhances the welfare and productivity of the people occupying it.

By utilising green technologies, Alpro Grup manufactures architectural facades or active walls interacting with the outside area through the photovoltaic cells. Energy saving is achieved by using solar energy with the help of solar panels. Unlike the conventional passive facades, our active facades can be completely transparent, thus reducing artificial light consumption, increasing heat and sound insulation and ensuring a high level of comfort.

Even though the green technologies have already reached an advanced stage of development and application, Alpro Grup continues to invest in the improvement of such technologies, its final objective being to create buildings with the lowest possible energy consumption to preserve and protect the environment.

Alpro Grup History

The company Alpro Grup srl was established in 1995 by Adrian Subtirica. Initially being a small design firm, Alpro Grup began to work for small developers and general contractors in and around Bucharest, providing design services for curtain walls and facade cladding.

Being highly appreciated by architects and customers alike, Alpro Grup invested in 1997 to create our first manufacturing line of aluminium joinery and recruited more personnel to support the extended activity. In the last few years, we have constantly invested in machinery, equipment and CNC

Alpro Grup Strategy

Our main concern is to improve the quality of services provided to architects and our customers. At the same time, Alpro Grup continues to research and develop innovative systems and construction technologies.
Alpro Grup aims to strengthen its position in Romania, where it already has an important role and to extend its business to new markets in Europe.

Alpro Grup Certifications

The quality management system of Alpro Grup includes EN ISO 9001 and EC certification issued by IFT Rosenheim, Germany.

These systems will be developed further in order to respond better to the demands and specifications of our customers.