Alpro Grup products

Our products are designed and manufactured within the company. Our goal is to combine the aesthetics with high-quality materials. Our production capacity makes it possible to strictly preserve the quality of our products in order to comply with the requirements of each and every project. Share your ideas with us – we will find a solution, tailored requests are part of our regular activity.

Alpro Grup uses only proven and eco-friendly materials, and all this for your health, for our health and for environmental protection.

ALPRO GRUP Products include:

Alpro Grup facades

The main business area of Alpro Grup is the design, manufacture and installation of architectural facades . Curtain walls and ventilated cladding are also essential elements as they both have an aesthetical and structural function. Technological progress has led to a transformation of the functions of facades; it is no longer a simple indoor-outdoor barrier but is an active element interacting with the external environment to improve building performance in terms of light transmission and heat and sound insulation.

The essential stages for successfully creating a facade consist of planning, design, manufacturing and installation. The management system of Alpro Grup enables a perfect coordination of the different departments ensuring a special and efficient product.

Alpro Grup has completed many prestigious projects and refined its skills and expertise in facade execution process – all of these skills and experience are now available to Alpro Grup customers. 

Benefits of Alpro Grup facades:

  • System solutions and tailored solutions;
  • Professional consulting service;
  • Total support throughout every stage of your project;
  • High production capacity;
  • Many years of experience and expertise in this area.

Alpro Grup Skylights

Alpro Grup provides a wide range of skylights and roof windows, their shapes, finishing and colors being practically unlimited whilst still complying with the most stringent design specifications.

We are fully committed to the delivery to our customers’ energy efficient skylights and we want your internal areas to have as much natural light as possible, adding an impressive design touch. Alpro Grup skylights are designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions and can be fitted with monitoring systems, temperature sensors for ventilation panels and rain sensors which close ventilation panels when it starts to rain.

Our skylight projects are numerous and varied and include residential units, office buildings, car showrooms and shopping centers in Romania and EU

Alpro Grup Interior Partitions

Alpro Grup is also active in designing, manufacturing and installing interior partitions (dividing walls). The design capacity of Alpro Grup, combined with its production capability and flexibility allows the creation of standard and customized solutions that can be installed in a broad range of shapes, materials and colors.
Alpro Grup dividing walls system allows partitions to be self-supporting with maximum flexibility and choice. When your operating processes require modification to the location, it transforms the appearance of the space – simply, rapidly and with minimum waste.

Discover the variety of Alpro Grup drawings and models – we would be happy to design dividing walls for you – walls that allow you to tailor the arrangement of a space as you require it.

We can offer you first class interiors with:

  • high quality products;
  • broad range of products;
  • versatile and durable walls;
  • tailored solutions;
  • all in one  – from the experts.

Alpro Grup doors and windows

Alpro Grup can design doors and windows producing tailored solutions to meet creative ideas. Using our extensive experience, Alpro Grup fulfils your wishes, complying with safety, functionality and design standards.

Our range of door and window systems are available in a wide variety of colors and finishings and can be fitted to be burglar, bullet and fire proof and even explosion resistant by using the latest systems and materials.
Your safety is our main concern – all Alpro Grup doors and windows are designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant EU standards and regulations.

The perfect joinery supplied every time by our company:

· joinery executed using state of the art equipment;
· high quality and short delivery terms – even for customized windows and doors;
· many years of research and expertise in the manufacture and design of system joinery and customized joinery;
· new product development and continuous quality improvement;
· regular testing of all products in accordance with the latest EU standards.

Alpro Grup industrial doors

Production of industrial doors to diversify the Alpro Grup range of products Alpro Grup and as a response to the demands of construction companies and industrial building designers.

Alpro Grup industrial doors can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and models; they are built in such a way to ensure easy sliding on steel rails, they are strong and functional, even in the largest sizes, they can slide parallel to the facade or can be folded in one or several sections.

The doors can be manually or power operated, fitted with panels in different materials (aluminium, steel, wood or glass) and all are fitted with rigorous safety and control systems.

Alpro Grup Shutters

Elegant and practical, shutters adapt perfectly to any architectural context.

Alpro Grup shutters can be produced in a wide range of RAL colors and wood imitation, mobile or fixed blades. Opting for blind shutters by simply turning them you can adjust the light intensity enters the room, and you can air out the room without opening the shutters.

Our shutters increase insulation of housing, make an acoustic sound and are easy to maintain.