Alpro Grup Services

Alpro Grup is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of facades in Romania and executes facades for the leading construction companies. You can rely on Alpro Grup professional services regardless of the stage of your project. Alpro Grup provides full service for the management of facade projects.

If you are one of the top building companies, Alpro Grup will collaborate with you to design impressive facades required by you and our work will certainly meet your expectations and satisfy your requirements in terms of budget.

Alpro Grup has remarkable production facilities and consequently can ensure the timely delivery and installation of all products according to your order and schedule.

Our tailored services include:

Alpro Grup Consulting and Design

There should be no limits to your ideas. Make your visions reality with Alpro Grup, the company that takes its inspiration from the extensive experience and numerous projects performed for creating the most efficient solutions starting with the design stage. Alpro Grup power consists of: “creating new solutions.”

Our teams of designers, engineers and technicians await you so that we can ensure your project enjoys maximum success.

We provide:

  • tailored solutions, structural and acoustic performance and protection against fire;
  • excellent professional expertise;
  • tailored design in order to meet your requirements;
  • final design and extraordinary functionality.

Alpro Grup Manufacturing

Our aluminium processing plant is fitted with state of the art technology with a large production capacity and quality control departments.

In the plant, aluminium profiles are cut, milled, assembled and prepared for delivery and assembling. Each stage of the production process is carefully controlled thus ensuring high quality products and rapid delivery.

Alpro Grup Logistics

Alpro Grup delivers all projects in the shortest possible time and collaborates with a large number of partner companies all over Europe to make it all possible.

If necessary, Alpro Grup can send our experts to assist you in assembling our products and to offer you support throughout the process.

You will enjoy Alpro Grup customized products and services which provide the best value for money, in the shortest possible delivery time in the quantities that you ordered.

Alpro Grup installation 

Alpro Grup knows its own products best. Alpro Grup uses the latest quality control systems and efficient assembly procedures, as well as storage and planning areas and a safety management system designed to maximise protection against accidents.

Are you in a hurry? Alpro Grup can assign a large number of qualified personnel to complete your facade in the shortest possible time, for even the largest projects.
Alpro Grup assembly means:

  • Alpro Grup personnel on the worksite;
  • highly qualified personnel;
  • well established network of suppliers and partners;
  • a variety of specialised equipment;
  • the most stringent safety standards.

Alpro Grup Maintenance

Inspections and repairs, modifications of interior partitions and/or simple maintenance of your joinery works – for all this you can rely on Alpro Grup. As an experienced specialist, Alpro Grup would be glad to take over the whole management and maintenance of the facades and joinery work of your building to preserve the facades in the best possible condition.

You can receive assistance of your choice – the highest level of cost transparency, beginning with the planning stage through to the management of the entire process of facade maintenance. In order to reduce your costs, Alpro Grup also helps you to identify potential discounts.

Contact Alpro Grup, we will gladly help you!